Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I care who you are?

I am not sure why anyone cares but here’s my life’s TL;DR:
Pastor’s son, lived all around, 4 years in Military Intelligence, met a great girl and married her, published author, multiple businesses, Gulf War vet, had some really odd adventures, 3 kids, 1 wife, 2 dogs and a sweet lifted Jeep.

Can you prove these stories are all true?

Nope.  I can’t give out the names of the people involved.  By the way, you’re welcome to enjoy these stories as complete fiction.  I’ll just take it as a complement that I’m insanely creative.

Great stories, but was it shitty to live through?

I tend to forget the bad parts and focus on the good parts.  And I prefer an adventure any day of the week.  Now, Did I do the right thing?  Who fucking knows?  I’m here now in my life and happy as a clam.  But I jumped through every door with my eyes wide open, hoping for something fun on the other side.  You don’t do that, you may as well be dead.

What is a warlizard?

It was the name of my unit in the gulf during Desert Shield / Storm. War Lizards.   Made-up, unofficial name.  Here is a link to a picture of our unit sign.

What other mindfuck story will you tell us?

My brain doesn’t really work that way. Think of it this way — this whole thing came from a throwaway comment I made responding to someone who said something on Reddit.   It triggered a memory and I just wrote it down.  From there, people wanted to know more and soon there were hundreds of people asking me to do an AMA (ask me anything).  So, I did By request – I am Warlizard, AMA (self.IAmA).  Since then, people have wanted more stories and more bad advice, so my wonderful wife set up this site to pull it all together (so says the wonderful wife who is the admin).

I have a question and would like some bad advice.

Feel free to email me and ask questions if you like. I can’t reply to all the questions, and I don’t recommend that you take any of my advice but I will try to do my best.

How can I get in touch with Warlizard?

You can find him often on Reddit, follow him on Twitter @War_Lizard, send him an email at info@warlizard.com page or just give him a call @ 631-960-7187.


All names (unless specifically mentioned) have been modified or changed completely.  Certain dates, locations, people and characteristics of these stories may have been changed to protect Warlizard from criminal prosecution or civil liability.  And of course, any illegal activities mentioned on this site are here for entertainment purposes only and could never have happened.  Also, do not try this at home.  Void where prohibited. Use only in well ventilated area.  Well, you get the idea.

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